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Haiti's Temporary Protected Status has been extended

Last edited Jun 13, 2017 | Tags: USA Visa Requirements, USA Visa

Introduction On May 24th 2017, it was decided that for visa purposes, nationals and residents of the country of Haiti should continue to be given Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for a further six months. This status had been…

Visa for San Diego, California USA

Last edited May 19, 2017 | Tags: USA Visa, ESTA

Introduction Whether you are on a cultural tour or seeking a foodie city break, the sunny, carefree city of San Diego is a fantastic place to visit at any time of the year. This guide provides information on your visit,…

Trump Executive Orders on the ESTA and U.S. Visas

Last edited May 22, 2017 | Tags: USA Visa, ESTA

Introduction A recent meeting of the American Immigration Lawyers Association AILA has shed light on the spate of Executive Orders issues by President Trump. The most notorious was perhaps Executive Order 13780 which placed…

ESTA History

Last edited May 17, 2017 | Tags: ESTA

A brief history of the United States Electronic Travel Authorization System (ESTA) and the Visa Waiver Program.

Complete ESTA Application Guide

Last edited May 17, 2017 | Tags: ESTA, ESTA Application Guide

For over a decade, the ESTA visa waiver program has made it easier for tourist and business travel to America. Since its inception, changes on various application requirements have taken place and at some instances, particularly with extensive additions to the application form requirements, eligibility, and security screening. The ESTA has profound differences with other conventional visas.…

Visa for Atlantic City, New Jersey USA

Last edited May 19, 2017 | Tags: ESTA, USA Visa

Introduction Atlantic City, New Jersey, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the USA. This guide is intended to provide Atlantic City travel and tourism information, as well as information on if…

Visa for Aspen, Colorado USA

Last edited May 19, 2017 | Tags: ESTA, Aspen, USA Visa

Aspen is the crown jewel of Colorado Situated amid the majestic Rocky and Elk mountains, Aspen is a brilliant place to visit. The Roaring Fork River awaits you in this unforgettable town in Colorado's Pitkin County. This guide gives you all of the…

ESTA Visa Waiver Data Privacy

Last edited Sep 02, 2015 | Tags: ESTA, Visa Waiver Program, ESTA Data Privacy

Learn about which entities have access to the data shared with ESTA, The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) and how is it protected.

ESTA Visa Waiver Travel Not Authorized

Last edited Mar 01, 2017 | Tags: ESTA, Visa Waiver Program, ESTA Denied, ESTA Travel Not Authorized

Learn about other options for obtaining entry clearance to the United States if your ESTA Visa Waiver application has been denied.

How to Make Multiple ESTA Visa Waiver Applications

Last edited Jul 20, 2015 | Tags: ESTA, Visa Waiver Program, Group ESTA Applications

This article provides information on how to make multiple, or group, ESTA Visa Waiver applications.



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