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ESTA for a family or group of travelers

Published on: Jun 28, 2019, Last Edited: Mar 11, 2020 | Tags: Family ESTA, Group ESTA Applications

Introduction If you are needing an ESTA for a family or a group of travelers, then you can apply as a group of applications. To apply for a family or group ESTA, all U.S. bound travelers in the group must hold a passport from a visa waiver eligible country.

How to Make Multiple ESTA Visa Waiver Applications

Published on: Aug 31, 2015, Last Edited: Feb 08, 2020 | Tags: ESTA, Visa Waiver Program, Group ESTA Applications

Introduction Travelers submitting ESTA applications will often be accompanied by family members, colleagues, friends, or other travel companions.…



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ESTA is a mandatory travel authorization for travelers visiting the United States either by Sea or Air for tourism, transit or business visits under 90 days.

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