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How will the social media information on my ESTA application be used by CBP?

Published on: Mar 09, 2020, Last Edited: Mar 23, 2020 | Tags: ESTA Data Privacy, ESTA Form

Introduction There are several questions on the ESTA application form that are optional. One of these questions is regarding social media account information. This question provides Customs and Border Protection (CBP) with a point of reference when checking applicant information matches an alternative…

ESTA Visa Waiver Data Privacy

Published on: Sep 28, 2015, Last Edited: Sep 02, 2015 | Tags: ESTA, Visa Waiver Program, ESTA Data Privacy

Learn about which entities have access to the data shared with ESTA, The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) and how is it protected.



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ESTA is a mandatory travel authorization for travelers visiting the United States either by Sea or Air for tourism, transit or business visits under 90 days.

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