The USCIS and An Immigration Error

Published on: Jul 09, 2018, Last Edited: Jul 09, 2018 | Tags: USA Immigration

The USCIS and An Immigration Error

With regards to USA immigration, if you haven’t had your Employment Authorization Documents recalled yet, you soon might. So far approximately 800 have been found to be incorrectly printed, which were issued together with Form 1-589, the ‘Application for Asylum and for Withholding of Removal’. These were granted by USCIS employed asylum officers and, due to a production error, have transposed the first and last names of applicants; they were mailed out during April and May 2018. However, don’t panic, it will be put right and if your EAD is one of the ones affected, you will receive a notification. If your application was submitted through an attorney or accredited representative, together with a G-28, (a form which lets the USCIS know that you have used a lawyer during your immigration case), they will also be notified.

How will this affect USA immigration individuals?

As soon as you receive this notification you must, within 20 days, return your EAD, in the prepaid envelope provided, to the USCIS; alternatively you can take it to a field office. A corrected replacement card will be sent out to you within 15 days after receipt; it’s a good idea to send your EAD by certified or registered mail - this way you’ll know it's been delivered and when. This will not affect your right to work since you should be authorized to take employment without your EAD. Any affected recipients’ who have been granted asylum with Form 1-94 can use this as proof that they can work. There shouldn’t be any problems, however, if you need assistance regarding proof of your employment status, get in touch with the USCIS Contact Center.

Be warned - the consequences for illegally entering the USA, without complying with USA immigration laws or being in possession of a valid USA visa, are harsh. Do not try to gain entry using a ‘coyote’ or a fake passport as you will be subjected to harsh punishment. This could well include being convicted of a crime under USA immigration laws. You must keep updated and adhere to all the legal requirements for USA visas before entering.

Verified address requirement on ESTA Applications

Nearly three months ago, verified addresses became a requirement to completing the ESTA. The verification process happens after a user attempts to submit a part of the application form that contains address fields. The address verification success or failure message will then display to the user upon a successful/unsuccessful match. The ESTA address verification feature will also suggest potential addresses that match the user's inputed data to faciliate the form-filling process.



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